Girvan Youth Trust

Changing Lives

Z1 Girls Group

Z1 Girls Group was established to provide opportunities for young women aged between 12 and 18 to participate in a broad range of activities. We provide developmental training for the young women and female volunteers in various settings using innovative methods through mediums such as; the arts, health and fitness, healthy cooking and nutrition, outdoor activities and other workshops.

As a group we use creative and dynamic approaches in the activities we provide, encouraging and motivating the young women to work together in an inclusive environment. The activities that we offer are designed to enhance the group dynamics and leadership abilities of the girls, in turn empowering the young people to take ownership of the club. The girls are actively involved in our local fundraising activities, thus giving them invaluable learning experiences not only within the club setting but also working within their community.


For further information about Z1 Girls Group and the work that they carry out, please contact Heather McCafferty (Chairperson) on;

Phone: 01465 714729


Twitter: GYT_Heather


Girls Getting Active


Through partnership with Girvan Community Sport Hub, the Girls Getting Active Project was established to encourage girls in the local community to engage in a healthy lifestyle and to be more active.

As part of the project we deliver awareness sessions on healthy eating and physical activity through already established clubs such as Z1 Girls Group and Z1 Dance. Through this we increase awareness on body image and confidence.

Our Girls Getting Active club is open exclusively to girls and allows girls to take part in physical activity in a comfortable environment without any external pressures and also showcases local clubs within the community as a pathway to continue being active.

For more information about Girls Getting Active, please contact Caitlin Flanagan (Girls Getting Active Worker) via;

Phone: 01465 714729


Twitter: caitlingcsh