Girvan Youth Trust

Changing Lives

The aim of the A.M.P. (art and music) is to engage with young people through different strands of music and in doing so, helping individuals to make positive and healthy life choices. Through participation in this project we hope that individuals will not only learn and develop their musical abilities but that they will increase their confidence, self-esteem and peer relationships.

Possible future events and developments:

DJ Workshops – teaching about the techniques required to become a DJ

instrument lessons/guidance – for those who have never had any previous experience of playing an instrument, there will be an opportunity for young people to learn a new instrument and tuition will be provided for this. For those who have some level of musical knowledge and ability or are part of a band, we will offer the chance to use Z1 Youth Centre as a HUB for practicing and develop their skills.

Sound/lighting tuition – young people will be given the chance to learn the backstage workings of a gig and how to use the sound/ light and visual animation for a gig

Open mic nights – to help young people develop their performance skills and increase confidence when performing in public.

Creative arts – using all forms of art alongside music  to enable young people to express themselves and their self- image and self- awareness, health and well-being.

Performance Opportunities – opportunities to perform at local music and community events as well as other areas in Scotland including Edinburgh, Dumfries and Sterling.

We are hoping to be able to offer other opportunities such as music therapy in the near future.

For more information about A.M.P please contact William (Youth Worker) or Donna (Project Co-ordinator) in the following ways;

Phone: 01465 714729

E-mail: or

Twitter: GYT_William or GYT_Donna

Facebook: Girvan Youth Trust/Z1 Youth Bar