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Changing Lives

The ‘Life’s a Journey’ programme has been developed to work with local young people aged 12-25 years, linking together experiential learning, personal development and volunteering opportunities both within Z1 Youth Bar and Girvan Youth Trust and also in the wider community.

The project is named ‘Life’s a Journey’ to embody the model and nature of life-long learning as a process; affirming that learning can happen at any age, at any time and in any environment.  The Life’s a Journey programme creates opportunities for youth work staff, teachers and partners such as CLD, Employability & Skills Team and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) as well as other local voluntary and community organisations to work together to enhance life learning opportunities for local young people.

We work with and support individuals and groups under 3 programme headings;

With the long term aims being to increase confidence, resilience, self-worth and readiness for work.

Young Volunteer Programme

Life’s a Journey staff have developed a structure for their Volunteer Programme with Girvan Youth Trust, which incorporates policies, procedures and guidelines for the recruitment, management and support of all volunteers as well as the provision of volunteer training and awards information.

The team strive to work with all volunteers to recognise and identify their motivations for volunteering and to ensure that their individual needs are recognised and have the potential to be developed.  This is achieved through completing volunteer profiles, goal setting and bi-annual review sessions.

The programme encourages and supports all volunteers to participate in training which will support them in their roles, such as First Aid, Child Protection and Leadership Awards.  All Volunteers aged 12-25 years are registered with Saltire Awards which sees them be awarded certificates for the time that they give and many young people are also working towards Youth Scotland Youth Awards at various levels which offer formal recognition and accreditation for their achievements.

Solo Programme

A small team of trained staff and youth work volunteers currently deliver 1-1 work with local young people in various areas of literacy, numeracy and practical life skills including working with money, driving theory test support, reading and understanding letters and forms, cooking and basic IT skills.  Having a dedicated team responsible for supporting young people under the Solo Programme ensures familiarity and consistency in the support and delivery, encouraging trust and confidence to build and for positive interpersonal relationships to form.

The Life’s a Journey team are seeking to increase our HR capacity and thereby our depth and range of offered support by creating a bank of local adult volunteer ‘Mentors’.  This will allow increased focused support in areas such as Practical Life Skills, Personal Skills and Interpersonal Skills.

Working with Schools Programme

Our work with local secondary and primary schools, creates opportunities for our Youth Work staff, Teachers and partners to work together to offer the best support to our young people.  Life’s a Journey staff work in partnership to complement and enhance the work of Girvan Academy, offering support and expertise through programmes such as Transition Days, Health & Wellbeing Workshops, Community Volunteering and Work Ready Workshops.

Adult Volunteers

As a team, we are also committed to supporting the development of local adults in our community through volunteering and volunteer placements.  Girvan Youth Trust offer various volunteering opportunities within Z1 Youth Bar and also in the local community, including:

In June 2018, Girvan Youth Trust was presented with the ‘Volunteer Friendly Award; a national quality standard award developed by Volunteer Dundee, for organisations who can evidence excellence in volunteer management.


Project Staff

Erin Murdoch

Project Coordinator

William McEwan

Youth Worker


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