Girvan Youth Trust

Changing Lives

About Us

Girvan Youth Trust own and run Z1 Youth Bar; a dedicated youth centre in Girvan.  Here young people can socialise with friends, meet new people and engage and take part in a number of groups and activities in a safe and youth friendly environment.

As well as Z1 Youth Bar, GYT organise and run groups and activities in the local community.

We also work closely with various partnership agencies such as Community Learning & Development (CLD), local and rural schools, Girvan Community Sport Hub and many more, to offer a wide range of opportunities and support for local young people.


Mission Statement

“To provide services and activities that develops young people as individuals and members of society”



Autonomy: Personal independence and the capacity to make moral decisions and act on them.

Commitment: Changing promise into reality

Passion: Wholehearted enthusiasm

Recognition: Appreciating the value of an achievement

Respect: Being non-judgemental

Responsibility: Being real and consistent

Self-respect: Believe in your own worth and dignity